Do-It-Yourself Ohio Land Contract Legal Documents

Do you understand the legal and financial considerations involved with buying or selling a home using a Land Contract? Then do-it-yourself legal document software is the most affordable way to create the agreements you need.

The following are the three best options available in the self-help document market to create an Ohio-specific Land Contract and the related real estate purchase agreements and Deeds:

  Standard Legal Land Contract Software

  Find Legal Forms Land Contract

  U.S. Legal Forms Land Contract

Remember, properly and fairly creating the legal documents needed to begin an Ohio Land Contract is just one part of the process. There are several other functions that must be handled to successfully complete any Land Contract transaction: monthly payment processing; financial accounting and reporting; oversight of payments for property taxes, insurance and any existing mortgage; collection follow-up should any payment be late from either party; creating a revised Deed in the new owner’s name and providing it at the proper time in the contract process; proper communications and instructions for each step.


If you prefer fully-prepared professional legal documents provided ready-for-signature, see the services from RealtyPact.